Jason Mathas was born in 1966 in Dallas, TX and began playing guitar at 13, after seeing his first concert, Van Halen (1980 Invasion Tour). His cousins Tom and Ted Mathas introduced him, and his brother Alex, to the music of Van Halen. Tom and Ted were also responsible for taking them to that first concert. It was a truly seminal moment in Jason's life, though the significance was impossible to comprehend at that time.

Throughout his high school years, guitar became his passion. In 1986, a year after graduation, Jason attended the “Summer Session” at G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Hollywood, CA, now known as Musician’s Institute (M.I.). That fall he enrolled in the USC School of Music, as a guitar major in the “Studio/Jazz” program. 

Jason's intentions were to become an elite, educated and well-rounded musician, but was out of place (musically) and unable to reap the maximum benefits from the environment and challenging curriculum at USC. After 2 years, he quit school and began working. This decision deferred to probability and delayed the inevitable.

Jason worked as an editor, writer and photographer for more than 25 years, but music and guitars were always on his mind.

Jason Mathas - Owner Founder - Mathas Guitars

Finally, the smoldering notion of Mathas Guitars became an inferno of reality. Jason explains, “I couldn't keep the life I wanted to live on hold any longer. Finally the reasons to forge ahead eclipsed the excuses that had previously incapacitated and discouraged me. The 'perfect time and circumstances' I was waiting for never came.” Waxing metaphorically, Jason elaborates, "Few people actually control their own destiny. I know I’ve rarely controlled mine. I've spent far too much time as someone else’s driver or a passenger in my own life, with unfulfilling results. But finally I've taken the wheel and assumed control.” Jason is now in the driver’s seat of Mathas Guitars. 

It's the culmination of experience acquired, and skills developed, over a lifetime. Yet this is only the beginning. Mathas Guitars is a perpetually evolving entity. The constant objective is innovation, growth and improvement.