Mathas Guitars - Guitar Picks - "Jazz Maxx" - Sample Pack
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Mathas Guitars - Guitar Picks - "Jazz Maxx" - Sample Pack Mathas Guitars - Guitar Picks - "Jazz Maxx" - Sample Pack Mathas Guitars - Guitar Picks - "Jazz Maxx" - Sample Pack

Guitar Picks - "JAZZ MAXX" - Sample Pack (5)

  • $10.99

This Mathas Guitars "JAZZ MAXX" sample pack of 5 picks is the perfect solution if you like picks that are larger than the Jazz Jr, but slightly smaller than a standard size pick.

You can try our Black and White picks in both 1.5mm and 2.0mm.  They're all made of Delrin, but there is more than just a difference in colors.  The white picks are smoother, while the black picks have more of a textured feel. 

With our Jazz Maxx sample pack, you will find out for yourself which you prefer.  If you're like us, you probably won't be able to "pick" a favorite, even after you spend time experimenting. 


@Sabbath_In_Chains_ with an extreme demo of Mathas Guitars' Picks.

@sabbath_in_chains_ “drops a Dime”bag Darrell tribute using @mathasguitars picks. It made our heads explode in metal rapture. ???? Get your Picks now. Link in bio. ・・・ . . . “...Got a little package in the mail today from @mathasguitars. You know that feeling when something just feels right? Well, thats how i feel about these picks. Btw this video was a 1st take so its kind of rough...” ・・・ . . . #pantera #5minutesalone #farbeyonddriven #dimebagdarrell #kingdime #getchapull #southernmetal #roachclass #epiphone #lespaul ・・・ . . . #MathasGuitars #MathasBrands #AlexAxes #guitar #guitarist #guitarlesson #guitarcover #guitarsolo #guitarpicks #livesharpplayhard #sstrapdd #brandishyouraxe #guitarstrap #higuitars

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Jazz Maxx 1.5 mm (BLACK / White Print) - 2

Jazz Maxx 2.0 mm (WHITE / Black Print) - 1

Jazz Maxx 2.0 mm (WHITE / Red Print) - 1



Whether you shred metal, rock the classics, emote blues or anything in between (and beyond), these picks are great for what "w(ails) ya".  All these Mathas durable picks are extremely comfortable and provide excellent sonic properties for all styles of playing.


Size: Jazz Maxx

Thickness: 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm

Color: Black / White Graphics, White / Black Graphics, White / Red Graphics

Material: Delrin

Logos: Mathas "Classic Emblem", Mathas "Flight", Mathas "Stars & Flight"

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